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Drug Treatment Program Florida

Drug Treatment Program Florida

Florida Springs is a luxury rehab center in Florida where we offer compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable treatment guides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Our Florida addiction treatment center has the vision to promote healthy individuals, families, and communities to improve their life’s quality with the different levels of care we provide.

From detox to intensive outpatient, there are many options available to be the best rehab center in Florida. The created environment is for healing, with spa-like amenities available, along with a caring staff. The goal is for you to be on your road to recovery as soon as possible.

Our motto is to relax, reinvent, reawaken, recovery

We are one of the top rehab centers in FL. Our addiction treatment programs are certified at the highest level by the Joint Commission, the highest credentialing agency for 22,000 hospitals and medical facilities.

Among our services, we offer: Detox, partial hospitalization, residential treatment, intensive outpatient care, outpatient counseling, medication assistance, telehealth, and more.

Our addiction and inpatient drug rehab center believes that one of the vital steps in the road to recovery is the detox process. Since alcohol or drug addiction causes chemical imbalances in the human brain, the decision-making process and healthy living are practically impossible.

The detox process consists of ridding the body of drugs and alcohol in a safe and controlled environment. We are aware that it is a complicated process. Still, we also know that once a person has completed detoxification in a safe environment like our drug treatment program in Florida, they will see their progress day by day.

Besides the detox program, our patients can benefit from different treatment options tailored to their specific needs. One of our mission is to give everyone the best possible opportunity to reach sobriety. Therefore, we are aware that the best path to take is to combine different treatments adjusted to every person.

The partial hospitalization program in Florida consists of an intensive level of supportive medical treatment for patients who have detoxed successfully from substance abuse. These patients only stay in our facility during the night. However, we also have a residential program where residents remain 24 hours a day for as long as the treatment lasts.

Every program is supervised by highly-skilled medical personnel to ensure patient stability and comfort in the chosen treatment path.

Other available drug treatment programs in Florida

Among other available programs is the intensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment IOP. It is a structured program of substance abuse treatment administered in group therapy and individual counseling while the patient lives outside the facility.

Outpatient care is designed for individuals that need help but remain living at home. Part of this program is telehealth, which is a therapy session administered through a video conference.

Besides, Medication Assisted Treatment or MAT is another program used for detoxification and assistance for long-term recovery.

Learn more about our drug treatment programs and contact Florida Springs if you are ready to take your life back from addiction: 850-403-6566.

Drug Treatment Program Florida
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Drug Treatment Program Florida
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